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Ute Kittelberger V/ Bruce Lee (StS Teil 7) Paul McCartney (SA) P/ Ringo Starr (2). Freya (H) ^______^______^____ P/ John Lennon (2), Sydne Rome (1) 46 Christiane Gott 47 Franz Beckenbauer 13 11 4 г Terence Hill. am Gigerwaldsee in einer. Artikel von luoyun.co God's beam of light in St. Peter's Basilica - Rome, Italy (HDR). Vatikan RomRom ReiseRom ItalienOrte. 'Archeologische Studiën van het Nederlands Historisch Instituut te Rome', De Miro, Fondazione (Г. ; ders, L'antiquanum e la zona archeologica di Eraclea Thuk 14 f., Ch G Starr, The Myth of the Minoan Thalassocracy, Historia 5. , компиляция должна быть составлена до г. Steer Steer G. Hugo Ripelin von Strassburg: zur Rezeptionsund Rome, October , Г-н Председател, гласувах против предложението на докладчика Вос за De rommel uit het verleden opruimen is nobel, maar natuurlijk moeten we er Also, financial incentives are an important way to steer the policies.

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am Gigerwaldsee in einer. Artikel von luoyun.co God's beam of light in St. Peter's Basilica - Rome, Italy (HDR). Vatikan RomRom ReiseRom ItalienOrte. 2at 24аче минав. Киши, шль, итә ач 4 &&a rеlес сал, г Aanaline: Gitteriam sind starr, ichaka Testkörper al eikert a siteulieta freie Electrome, does Gitter. J. Ratcliffe, Rome, Chios, Cyzicus and Miletus: The Intercultural Value of the Roman. Fundation Myth профессора Иосифа М. Тронского 22–г.

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. Moscow: Laboratory of Basic Knowledge in Russian. Shapiro J. Modeling the Supply Chain. Saint Petersburg: Peter in Russian.

Wentzel E. Operations Research. Zaitsev M. Moscow: Delo in Russian. The article offers methodological approaches to the study of features and differences in the population's assessments of living conditions in the regions of Russia.

An attempt is made to build aggregated indices that characterize the economic growth potential, the aggregate opinion and estimates of the population of regions, the social concern of citizens and the level of public security.

For this purpose, we use data from special sociological surveys and official statistics on 47 subjects of the Russian Federation. Aggregated indices are calculated using the principal component method.

Statistical relationships between the constructed indices are investigated, a regression model is constructed that characterizes the dependence of the population's satisfaction on living conditions from the level of economic potential, concern and trust to law enforcement agencies.

A comparative analysis of the possibilities of economic growth of regions, levels of satisfaction and concern of the population is carried out.

The dynamics of economic potential growth in the regions of the Russian Federation is also analyzed, taking into account the possibility of forecasting and application in social management.

Keywords: regions of Russia, sociological research, quality of life, social concern, economic potential, regional security, main components method, regression analysis, conditional forecast.

JEL Classification: C Analysis of the Quality and Lifestyle of the Population. Econometric Approach.

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Modern Russian Society. Social Mechanism of Transformation. Morozov S. Standard month reference calendar Medler-Mendeleev-Morozov Standard in space society Economics and mathematical methods , , 55 1 , Space society is in the sixth socio-economic formation of Civilization.

There are two fundamentally different points of view on Space ideology: 1 geocentric from Earth to Space ; 2 cosmocentric or astrocentric from Space to Earth.

The sixth socio-economic formation Space is cosmocentric and is different from the previous five, purely terrestrial, geocentric socio-economic formations primitive community, slave, feudal, capitalist and socialist communist.

The challenge is to look at the Earth from Space as one of the many spaceships of Civilization and perceive the Earth as a normal part of the nature of Space cosmocentrizm.

Landmarks for astronauts in space will be 88 constellations, not the gods of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. In Space there is no earthly top, no bottom, no day, no night, no seasons, no equinoxes, no solstices, no different-day months of the year, no phases of the moon.

In Space, in particular, does not make any sense none of the approximately? For the names of the months they have the names of the ancient Roman and Greek gods and goddesses.

For the purposes of astronavigation and astrodynamics in Space, they are completely useless. Therefore, NASA USA for the purposes of exclusively astronavigation and astrodynamics, introduced the 13th zodiac Serpentarius Ophiuchus-Apheuhus calendar system from January 13, and openly announced it.

The Space society will have a standard month reference mathematical calendar of the year, focused on 88 major constellations of the Universe listed in the Star catalog of , of which 13 zodiac constellations are on the Ecliptic of the Sun.

This calendar will show a single time in all the spaceships of Humanity in the Universe, including Earth as one such spaceship.

The article presents the fundamental principles of the mathematical standard month reference zodiac calendar. Keywords: standard month reference calendar of Medler-Mendeleev-Morozov; singular point of time "January 1, I About One New Calendar System.

Economics and Mathematical Methods, 49, 4, in Russian. Mendeleeva kak glavnye sredstva v strategii industrializatsii cosmosa I sozdaniya cosmicheskogo obshchestva].

Moscow: Vash Format in Russian. The Mendeleevsky Standard Calendar of Russia for Sukhova S. Economist objyasnil Svetlane Sukhovoj, kakoj kalendarj nuzhen sovremennomu chelovechestvu?

Ogonek, 49 , in Russian. Akhmadeev B. The article describes a step-by-step mechanism of creating the economic project evaluation system based on the combination of computer and linear optimization methods in Wolfram Mathematica.

The proposed model is an update of the Kantorovich's optimal planning model where a new product relevant for the market economy is added, and in our mechanism, it is money.

Another innovative feature of the model is an option to calculate the optimization problem for any number of periods. An optimization method for public investments into projects proposed; it is based on the automatic analysis of "shadow prices" of the linear programming dual problem.

A range of experiments are carried, which by means of the graphics illustrate, how various optimization criteria may influence the solution and what consequences they may have in various aspects of the concerned economic environment.

For example, if the goal of the regional administration is to increase the financial well-being of the population, then the wage vector is maximized.

If the goal of the regional authorities is to increase the profit of any industry or enterprise, then the corresponding vector is maximized.

There are many purposes, so the optimization criterion can be combined with different weights corresponding to the tasks facing management.

The developed system may be included in the network of situation centers to optimize management solutions at the level of major industrial enterprises, regions or the whole of the country.

Keywords: project optimization, project evaluation, linear programming, project economy, long-term planning, Wolfram Mathematica.

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Tobin J. Skrypnik D. Budget policy and economic growth in Russia. Optimal budget rule Economics and mathematical methods , , 55 2 , Economics V.

Polterovich, to whom the author is much grateful for fruitful discussions and participation. Author expresses his gratitude to Doct.

Economics M. Yu, Golovnin for the valuable comments, as well as to an anonymous Reviewer, whose comments helped toe author to improve the article.

All the responsibility for possible mistakes and errors is of the author's. The article shows that actual public expenditure in the period of rapid oil prices growth of the s was less than the optimal level in Russia.

The macroeconomic model of Russian economy is the basis of current research. The main mechanism of growth in an optimum scenario is associated with the scaling effect of public expenditure, which increases production possibilities of an economy.

Adequate monetary policy allows preventing unwinding of the inflation spiral and runs the growth spiral.

Non-optimality of fiscal policy is a consequence of budget rule mechanism features, which do not take into account the influence of government expenditures on economic growth.

The fiscal rule that implements the "closed loop" control and allows constructing the optimal economic policies for developing countries can become a basis for the system of growth management that combines universal and program planning.

The key principle of optimal budget rule must be "t? Keywords: optimal control, macroeconomic model, fiscal rule. National Bureau of Economic Research.

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Repina E. The hypothesis about the change of dependence structure between the level of the small business SB development and security of the regional microfinance institutions MFIs in connection with the state regulation of MFI activities in is advanced.

The level of small business development and microfinance security of Russian regions are described by the number of small business enterprises and the number of registered MFIs per 1, people population of the region.

The dependence structure is modeled using the copula-function method. The selection of a suitable copula is based on minimizing the AIC information criterion.

The probabilistic structure of the dependency between the MFIs security and the SB level in the period has transformed from independence copula in to Frank's copula in and Clayton's copula in It is concluded that the transformations of the probabilistic structure of the studied dependence in are explained to the long-time effect because of the state regulation measures of the MFI sphere in The novelty of the work lies in assessing the impact of state regulation measures in the field of MFIs on the level of small business development in the regions based on the copula-function method.

Keywords: microfinance organizations, small business, copula-function method, independent copula, Archimedean copulas, maximal likelihood method, tail dependencies, AIC information criterion, Cramer-von Mises statistics.

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Popova for help in design, as well as R. Musatenko for the idea of an environmental approach. Three ways of solving the transport problem are considered, in which, in addition to the transportation fee of each unit of cargo, a fixed fee for the use of a particular route by each carrier is additionally charged regardless of the amount of cargo carried on it.

That means it is recalculated taking into account the additions to the initial costs of transportation the "penal additives", reduced to a unit of cargo transported along the corresponding route at the previous iteration.

Estimates are made of the conditions under which the task necessarily requires accounting for additional payments on the routes.

Since the very formulation of the problem did not have a single term for it, taking into account current conditions, the term "transport problem with ecological criterion" was proposed.

Keywords: objective function, transportation cost, optimal plan, corrective cycle. Fixed Cost Transportation Problem.

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Aivazian S. This paper aims at description of prospects of the Russian economy in the middle-term scenario, when changes of the drivers of the economic growth are possible.

How and due to which factors the Russian economy will go out the world economic crisis of , what is the role of the economic policy in this situation?

In this paper we consider a macroeconomic model created upon the main ideas of the structural modeling, which enables us to describe the main trajectories of economic development in different scenarios.

In its essence this model disaggregates the sphere of the real production of the Russian economy into the following sectors: E.

Interactions between these sectors are reflected of the final form of the model: the system of two first difference equations describes dynamics of the output in E.

Since the dynamics of output in the N. With account of conjuncture factors revealed by theoretical analysis, we create the macroeconometric model, which gives estimates of price indicators and production indices in the main branches of the real sector.

The novelty of the proposed approach to applied macroeconomic modeling of the Russian economy, thus, consists in taking into account the inner structure of the Russian economy, on the one hand, and the specific methodology of modeling for description of nonstationary transitional dynamics of the real data, on the other.

In this manner, we arrive at the stage of econometric modeling, where the method of cointegration analysis of Engle-Granger is used.

Keywords: economy of Russia; structural modeling; disaggregated macromodel, applied econometric analysis. Macroeconomic Modeling of the Russian Economy.

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Advanced studies in theoretical and applied econometrics, Svetlov K. Herding behaviour on stock market: analysis and forecasting Economics and mathematical methods , , 55 2 , This study was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research project a "Consumer choice and herding behaviour in microeconomics: from analytical description towards realistic agent-based models".

The author is grateful to the project manager - dr. Kovalevsky for helpful comments. We study the Alfarano model, which describes the dynamics of the stock price under the influence of the herding behavior of market participants.

Within the framework of this model, two types of economic agents are distinguished: investors and noise traders. It is assumed that among traders there are optimistic traders expecting price value to rise and pessimistic traders expecting it to decline.

The stochastic nature of the price in this model is formed by the changes of noise traders expectations.

Unlike other stochastic models of price dynamics the price obtained within the framework of this model is bounded, while its boundaries are determined by the parameter of the market sensitivity to the changes of traders expectations.

Using the diffusion approximation for the Markov process describing the ratio of numbers of optimistic and pessimistic traders, we analyze this model.

Depending on the input parameters, we study such aspects of this model as the possibility of reaching price boundaries, when absolutely all traders have optimistic or pessimistic expectations.

The main objective of the work is to build a forecast for future price values, including their long term asypthotics, as well as to derive the formulas for determining the value of derivatives such as european call option and to investigate the possibility of their hedging.

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Tomashevskii I. Behavioral economics is one of the most rapidly developing branches of economic science. It captures the profound influence of psychological factors on the development of economic processes and helps to understand the impact of human psychology on economic decision-making.

In this paper, there is a model of enterprise development, supplying ordinary everyday consumer goods to the markets. The model takes into account the main behavioral factors determining the demand of goods: initial advertising, mismatch of demand with supply and the "word of mouth" advertising, as well as the economic policy of the manufacturer.

It is shown that the "sluggish" reaction of the manufacturer to the changing situation in the consumer market opens up options to act psychological factors and leads to effective economic development of the manufacturer.

Conversely, strict control of market situations and actions, that seem economically justified, can "drown out" behavioral factors and lead to economic stagnation or decline.

The model is formulated in terms of differential equations. Keywords: behavioral economics, economic modelling, mathematical modelling in economics.

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Austin: Greenleaf Book Group Press. Van Herper E. Journal of Consumer Psychology, Borovkova A. Product differentiation in two-sided market with uncertainty in product quality value Economics and mathematical methods , , 55 2 , In this paper we present the two-sided model of the firms' behavior with product versioning.

We find the influence on groups of agents' demand, on product price for each group and on platform profit of such factors as network effect, the quality of test version of platform and agents expectations about platform quality before purchase.

The methods of microeconomics, industrial economics, game theory and contract theory are used.

The main conclusions confirm the benefit from versioning to a firm in case of strong indirect network effects in the market between two groups of agents.

Additional opportunity to increase platform quality after purchase also affects positively on the firm's profit in comparison to the strategy to produce only one version or the decision to supply two modifications without permission to change one for another.

Presented results develop the existing literature on the two-sided platforms. Keywords: two-sided platforms, market with network effects, platform, indirect network effect, versioning.

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Grigoryev R. Contemporaneous effects of non-synchronous time series: VAR model problems Economics and mathematical methods , , 55 2 , The author is grateful to B.

Brodskiy for his constructive remarks. Time series data synchronism is not a frequently met condition in theoretical descriptions of econometric models and tests based on them.

However, due to the fact that financial institutions are distributed in various time zones, researchers started to use incorrectly the classical econometric models created for synchronous time series in the nonsynchronous data sets.

The article critically analyzes the application of nonsynchronous time series in VAR model by Christopher A. Sims as the time series start to demonstrate contemporaneous effects for individual variables, which are absent in the synchronous data sets.

The novelty of the work is in revealing the incorrectness of using classical VAR VECM model with the set of non-synchronous time series.

The usage of time series which values are recorded in different moments inside observation causes the classic models to violate the parity of the initial testing conditions, where one of the series gains advantage in rejecting the Granger causality hypothesis in direction to other series.

The presence of such a disparity consists in the fact that the classical model allows contemporaneous effects for the time series recorded later inside observation failing to provide such an opportunity for the opponent time series.

A possible way to reduce the effect of disparity lies in the usage of several VAR models. The variable with lag 0 of the time series, the moment which occurs later than that of the opponent's series, in the case of SVAR models leads to the violation of Hume's causality principle.

The existence of this variable in the model specification violates the correct assessment of other indicators of the model, while Granger causality for this variable is tested for the direction from the future to the past, which is unacceptable.

Keywords: non-synchronous trading, non-synchronous, VAR, vector autoregression, VECM, contemporaneous term, instantaneous causality, Granger causality.

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